It’s been a while.   This year has not been treating me well as far as my health.  The good news?  I am on the path to a diagnosis.  Finally.  My wonderful doctors have been taking my concerns seriously, which had not been done by my previous doctors.  I have been tired since my freshman year in college.  Not a normal type of tired.  I have been a kind of tired that should not happen in one’s twenties.  It has been difficult to find the energy to blog (not to mention the time).  John and I have been busy working full-time, completing the punch list on our amazing renovation, and helping to get the wedding barn up and running.


I have yet to post pictures of our new renovation. We still have much to do as far as the punch list, so I won’t post many just yet.  We had our first get-together yesterday in our new home for our annual Fourth of July party.  If you read my post on last year’s party, consider this party the previous one on steroids. Ready?



I just swoon every time I look at the exterior of our home.  There is no paint color more perfect than “Pure White” by Sherwin Williams.

FOJ2015-25 FOJ2015-24 FOJ2015-23 FOJ2015-22 FOJ2015-16 FOJ2015-17 FOJ2015-18


America Y’all.



Head Scarf: Garage sale find.  Shirt: GAP.  Shorts: Marshall’s.  Shoes: Converse.        Watch: Daniel Wellington   Chain-link bracelet: J. Crew  Lip Color: Maybelline’s Red Revival


FOJ2015-20 FOJ2015-19

We ended the night with a two-hour at-home firework show.  This was complete with a Harry Potter roman candle battle with my friend and neighbor.  Each time our candle would go off, one of us would yell a spell: “expecto patronum” “LUMOS!” “petrificus totalus” and so on.  I am so glad I have friends that can nerd out with me.




The fourth wouldn’t be complete without my Paw Paw’s gorgeous navy blue Ford Model A.  John and I drove the commemorative edition corvette yesterday as well.  It happens to be red, white, and blue.






FOJ2015-10 FOJ2015-9 FOJ2015-8 FOJ2015-7 FOJ2015-6

Flags everywhere.




The mini Cherry Pies were my favorite dessert.




FOJ2015-4 FOJ2015-3 FOJ2015-2

This dining room…






I am so happy to be posting. John and I have so much going on right now, we are moving fast on the renovation of our cabin and the construction of the wedding barn (dirt is moving on Monday!). We are almost finished with electric in our cabin, and drywall will be installed before we know it. I can not wait to share the pictures of the completed project. Oklahoma had its final snow this week (crossing my fingers that is true!) and it was gorgeous out here on Spain Ranch. Riley (our girl dog) gets cold easily, so she did not join us in the snow, but Cato made an appearance in my photoshoot. I can not get over his sweet snow-covered face.

Bronwyn Snow-3

Bronwyn Snow-1 Bronwyn Snow-2 Bronwyn Snow-4 Bronwyn Snow-5 Bronwyn Snow-6 Bronwyn Snow-7 Bronwyn Snow-8 Bronwyn Snow-9 Bronwyn Snow-13Bronwyn Snow-10 Bronwyn Snow-11 Bronwyn Snow-12 Bronwyn Snow-14

Coat: Dillards

Scarf: The Gap

Lipstick: Chanel “Pirate”

Sweater: Ann Taylor

Wellies: Banana Republic

Bronwyn Snow-1-2 Bronwyn Snow-2-2

Polaroids from John’s Christmas Present.

After Christmas, I am so done with winter….like really really done. I am a naturally cold person and I hate it. Winter is gross, the weather sucks, and the trees are ugly. This winter has been even worse than normal for me, as I have been experiencing withdrawal from a prescribed medication for 5 weeks now. I had to find something to make me feel calm and relaxed, if even for a few minutes. I found a cure, although temporary, it is awesome. Baths are probably my favorite activity ever, so I decided to make my baths as luxurious as possible, and it’s easy to do.

Bring in a table and set it next to your tub if you have room (lucky me, I have a large bathroom and a claw foot tub :))

On the table, keep a pretty vase filled with fresh flowers (Whole Foods has an excellent floral section)

Keep a basket on the table with clean rolled towels in it for a spa feel

Burn a candle

Sip on a vintage teacup of herbal tea. (I love chamomile) The gorgeous teacup and saucer pictured are part of a china set from my great grandmother a.k.a. “Grandeer.”

Pick a good book or magazine to read. I love Matchbook Magazine, and if you haven’t read that mag before, I highly recommend it.

Last, and most obviously, bubbles are a MUST.


Fill the bath, sit back, relax, and remember this:

“Au milieu de l’hiver, j’apprenais enfin qu’il y avait en moi un été invincible.” 

Translation: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

Winter Blues-1 Winter Blues-4 Winter Blues-5 Winter Blues-3Winter Blues-7Winter Blues-6

Pictures from my sister’s graduation party I hosted a few weeks ago with a few DIY decorations:

Cec Grad Party-1 I got to use my new calligraphy set to write names on the drink tags for the blush colored cocktails. On the cocktails, I dipped the rims in gold sprinkles. Cec Grad Party-32 I made this tassel banner using a Martha Stewart paper cutter. Cec Grad Party-31 Cec Grad Party-30 Cec Grad Party-29 Cec Grad Party-28 Cec Grad Party-27 Cec Grad Party-26 Cec Grad Party-25 Cec Grad Party-24 Cec Grad Party-23 Cec Grad Party-22 Cec Grad Party-21 Cec Grad Party-20 Cec Grad Party-19 Cec Grad Party-18 Cec Grad Party-17 Cec Grad Party-16 Cec Grad Party-15 Cec Grad Party-14 Cec Grad Party-13 Cec Grad Party-12 Cec Grad Party-11 Cec Grad Party-10 Cec Grad Party-9 Cec Grad Party-8 Luckily, I have an obsession with gold, so it wasn’t difficult to gather up enough decor and photo frames for the party. Cec Grad Party-7 This is a sign that I designed using calligraphy and photoshop.

Cec Grad Party-6 Cec Grad Party-5 Cec Grad Party-4 Cec Grad Party-3 Cec Grad Party-2


Photo Credits: John and Bronwyn Spain

I have been anxious to post about the graduation present that John and I gave Cecily. I don’t really know where I came up with the idea, but it has been one of my best ideas as far as presents go. I put together a start-up basket for her first post-grad job. I wanted to get her designer things for the office that she would never spend money on for herself. She loves Kate Spade and all things girly, so I went off of that as the inspiration for the items in the basket. These are the items used:

1. “Basket”- Acrylic letter holder

2. Tape dispenser

3. Stapler

4. Pencil/pen holder

5. Monogrammed business card holder

6. Monogrammed stationary

7. Sticky note and flag set

8. Coffee mug

9. Jonathon Adler travel mug (not pictured, as I could not fit this in the tray)

10. Coasters tied up with ribbon

11. Blank notebook

12. Notepad

13. Kate Spade tackle box (monkey clips, bow paper clips, bow push pins, notecards, pencils, decorative tape, etc.)

14. 2015 planner

15. Picture frame (for a picture of her newly adopted St. Bernard, Zeus)

Most items are Kate Spade either from the actual Kate Spade website or from Urban Girl, an online office supply store that also has a physical store in Broken Arrow, OK. The rest of the items are from Marshall’s.

I lined the tray with tissue paper to prevent scratches. Then, I arranged the items from large in the back to small in the front. Next, I covered the entire gift with cellophane and tied the top off with a rubber band. I used glitter tape to tape down anything that was sticking out, added a glitter bow, and added a gift tag. That is it! I will re-post this in May around graduation time.

EDIT: I forgot to add that instead of a card, as I have posted below, I wrote little inspirational quotes and notes to the new grad in the blank notebook.

Cecily Graduation Present-15 Cecily Graduation Present-1 Cecily Graduation Present-2 Cecily Graduation Present-3 Cecily Graduation Present-5 Cecily Graduation Present-6 Cecily Graduation Present-7 Cecily Graduation Present-8 Cecily Graduation Present-9 Cecily Graduation Present-10 Cecily Graduation Present-11 Cecily Graduation Present-12 Cecily Graduation Present-13 Cecily Graduation Present-14 Cecily Graduation Present-15

I think this was the first year that I was ready for the holidays to be over and the new year to begin. I meant to post the day after Christmas, but I was busy preparing for Cecily’s graduation party. More to come on that later. Here are the decorations I set up in our temporary home. Next year, we will be spending our first Christmas in our newly renovated home! I can not wait. Our new home is progressing. We are hoping to have the slab poured by the beginning of next week!

The first photo, and the last few photos were taken with my new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens! (a Christmas present from my in-laws). My favorite is the picture of Timothy on Christmas morning, though I am partial of pictures of the kids in my family :).

Christmas Blog 2014-11

Christmas Blog 2014-1 Christmas Blog 2014-9 Christmas Blog 2014-8 Christmas Blog 2014-7 Christmas Blog 2014-5 Christmas Blog 2014-3 Christmas Blog 2014-2 Christmas Blog 2014-13 Christmas Blog 2014-12


Merry Christmas to all of my readers! I will be posting about my Christmas and showing you all some of John and my Christmas decorations tomorrow. For now, I’ll show you all my tips for wrapping a perfectly wrapped present. It’s a bit late for this for Christmas presents, but you can use these tips from now on for any occasion you are wrapping for:

1. Crease every corner (run your fingers over each corner to give the paper a crisp crease)

2. Pull the paper tight before taping

3. Use scotch tape on parts that won’t be seen from the outside

4. Use scotch tape cut in half to hold down the paper, then cover the tape with glitter tape for a polished look

5. Use wired ribbon (the thicker the ribbon, and the bigger the bow, the better)Christmas Wrapping-13

Christmas Wrapping-1 Christmas Wrapping-2 Christmas Wrapping-3 Christmas Wrapping-4 Christmas Wrapping-5 Christmas Wrapping-6 Christmas Wrapping-7 Christmas Wrapping-8 Christmas Wrapping-9 Christmas Wrapping-10 Christmas Wrapping-11 Christmas Wrapping-12 Christmas Wrapping-14 Christmas Wrapping-15 Christmas Wrapping-16 Christmas Wrapping-17 Christmas Wrapping-18 Christmas Wrapping-19

Christmas Wrapping-1-2 Christmas Wrapping-2-2

A huge thank you to my husband for the wonderful pictures!

My sister graduated this past Saturday from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. She completed the program early, taking just 3 1/2 years to graduate. I am super proud of her, and I can not wait to post her gift on the blog :). I have not been able to give it to her yet, so I can’t post it tonight. I can, however, post the senior portraits I took of her. Welcome to Oklahoma Alumni, where we have associations that  pay for billboards and campaigns to get our band director fired and our old one back…….boomer.


CeCe Class of 2014-1 CeCe Class of 2014-38 CeCe Class of 2014-37 CeCe Class of 2014-33 CeCe Class of 2014-30 CeCe Class of 2014-28 CeCe Class of 2014-27 CeCe Class of 2014-3CeCe Class of 2014-25 CeCe Class of 2014-23 CeCe Class of 2014-22 CeCe Class of 2014-21 CeCe Class of 2014-19 CeCe Class of 2014-31CeCe Class of 2014-16 CeCe Class of 2014-14 CeCe Class of 2014-12 CeCe Class of 2014-11 CeCe Class of 2014-9 CeCe Class of 2014-8 CeCe Class of 2014-7 CeCe Class of 2014-13CeCe Class of 2014-6 CeCe Class of 2014-4

Isn’t she gorgeous!? Congratulations CeCe!

One year ago. my grandmother passed away. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that I sorely miss her.  I wanted to share– I guess you would consider it– a eulogy that I wrote/read for her funeral. I apologize for the grammar ahead of time…
Hi, my name is Bronwyn Spain and I am Loretta’s oldest grandchild.
I would like to start by saying that grandma was a teacher.
She was a teacher, and she taught us that if you don’t cheer for the SOONERS, you’re wrong.
She taught us that a woman’s hair should be done and lipstick applied no matter what and ESPECIALLY if you are going to the hospital.
She taught us that there was no such thing as too much shopping or too many pairs of shoes.
But most importantly, she taught her family the meaning of unconditional love.
I think her favorite thing to do was brag on the people she loved. She bragged frequently to me about my paw paw, how he took care of her, and that she couldn’t have had a better husband. She bragged on my husband and said he reminded her of her husband and that I better be good to him because he’s a keeper. She bragged on her kids and would often say she had the best son and the best daughter she could ask for. Last, she bragged on her grandchildren about all of their accomplishments.
She taught us that it is better to give than receive and she lived by this. When I wasn’t able to afford a car when I was 16, she and my pawpaw bought me not only a car, but my favorite car at the time. She would constantly want to go shopping with the people she loved and would ask if there was anything that they needed because she loved buying a pair of shoes or a top for them.  If we were going on a trip, she would give us a little bit extra cash because she didn’t want us spending our own. She loved to cook for people and if she thought you were too skinny, she would offer you food until you gave in and ate it. She wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of and in return, she was very very loved.
She taught us that caring for others is important. She was the sunshine lady in her car club whose duties were that whenever someone was sick or in the hospital she would take them something on behalf of the car club and go visit them to cheer them up, and I can’t think of anyone better than her to bring some sunshine into a room.
She taught us colorful and creative vocabulary. Her family and I have compiled a list of our favorite sayings… we like to call them Lorettaisms.
They are:
Hotter than a flitter
Hotter than a pistol
Oh foot!
Oh fiddle faddle
Bull HONKEY or just simply Oh Bull!
Your hair looks like a rats nest!
Flip my dipper
She also loved talking about feet
Oooooh! Your feet are like Ice!
I just have the HARDEST time finding shoes. I have got a skinny foot (she had about a hundred pairs of shoes in her closet)
Look at Kevin Durant’s feet! They’re like boats!
I RAISED my kids
I’ll swear!
Get ’em Get ’em!
and everyone’s favorite, whatever flops your mop
We can’t be too sad about her passing because First, she wouldn’t want us to be and next, her family got to see her having the time of her life at my wedding in October, which I think is exactly what she would have wanted to do before she went. I’ll never forget how she lit up when “friends in low places” was played, and she, my sister Cecily, and I sang and danced to it together. Lastly, In 2007, she survived a major surgery that the doctors thought she wouldn’t make it through, so really, we were all given 6 more years of time with her, and I could not be more thankful for that.
On that note, she taught us how to be tough. She had health problems through the years and with those, she was resilient. In 2007 when she had her major surgery, the doctors said it was a miracle that she made it through, but I don’t believe anyone who knew her was surprised. She loved life and she wasn’t about to give up without a fight. That was one of her most important lessons was to never give up.
My grandma was the best teacher of how to live a happy life.
I’ll end with saying this…
Loretta did whatever flopped her mop and she was absolutely the only person who could pull that off.
I will leave you with my favorite picture of her. This picture was taken by Brett Birdsong, our wonderful wedding photographer. I will never be able to express to him how grateful I am of the pictures of her that capture her feisty spirit that I knew and loved.
I miss you granny! I’ll have “Friends in Low Places” on repeat all day today 🙂

Whimsy. Eclectic. Eccentric. These are three words that describe my favorite type of art: anthropomorphism. That means the personification of something that is not human, whether it be an object, an animal, or something else. My favorite example of this is an animal head in place of a human head on a human body. The first time I had seen something like this was in a coffee table book at my grandmama’ house. The book had pictures of human bodies with a dog head in place of the person’s head. After I flipped through that book, I was obsessed.


I saw this bookshelf/painting in the September 2012 issue of Living Etc. Magazine. What I would do for this piece…

Rodolphe Rodolphe2

Since I can’t afford the several thousand dollar price tag for the ram/human, I settled for these dishtowels from West Elm:

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 5.53.56 PM

You can find them here. 

If you have time, check out Rachel Kozlowski’s website. She is the designer of these towels and plates.


I found both of these pieces on Land of Nod. They would be adorable for a nursery.

deer-head-portrait painted-masterbeasts-wall-art-peacock



This is my favorite example of Anthropomorphic art. An artist named Valerie Leonard takes a classic oil painting and adds your pet’s head(s) to the bodies of the subjects to create a custom oil painting for the commissioner. I am thinking I would want two separate pieces: 1. Riley’s face or head on Marie Antoinette and 2. Cato’s face on King Louis XIV.